CNC MachininG

CNC Machining -- or Computer Numerical Control Machining -- utilizes highly specialized computers to control machine tools. CNC machining allows for more precise machining than manual machining, and can be duplicated with exact precision repeatedly. At Motorcity Metal Fab and Powder Coating we use CNC machining to create lathe parts and prototype parts for a wide variety of uses and industries.

Specifications and options include:

- Parts with a maximum Diameter of 12 inches

- Maximum length of 30 inches

- Knurled surfaces

- Threading (internal and external)

- 3 axis CNC mill

Metal forming

At Motorcity Metal Fab and Powder Coating, we have a CNC and NC press brake able to break up to 1/4" thick material. Allowing for numerous angles and type metal breaks to be performed on the same setup, including bending, curling, and forming, our CNC machine press breaking can take many manual operations completely out of the manufacturing process saving our customers money.

Specialty welding

 The Motorcity Metal Fab and Powder Coating welding team is skilled in all facets of welding. In fact, if we can not weld it, they likely don't make a welding rod for it.

We are expert-level welders in:



- Stick

Water Jet cUTTINg

Our in-house water jet comes equipped with a Diamond - integrated 5i nozzle, the Maximum 1530 can cut virtually any material quickly and efficiently, which means we can maximize profitability for our customers. We invite our customers to provide drawings if available. We are also more than happy to assist in custom designing the part you need.


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